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The Miley Collection on CD
Game Used Professional Baseball Bats
Original Metropolitan Stadium Seats
John Miley has spent decades building the most amazing collection of old radio broadcasts of sporting events in the world.  Since 2001, has been working with John to put many of his classic baseball game broadcasts from 1934 to 1972 onto CD.

Have you ever thought of owning a baseball bat that was actually used by your favorite player in Major League games?  Join the fascinating hobby of bat collecting, where these authentic artifacts from seasons past are treasured as investments, as well as memorabilia that can take you back to the days when you were a kid, watching players swinging (possibly) the very bat you now hold in your hands.

Metropolitan Stadium was built in the mid-1950s.  It was home to the Minnesota Twins and Vikings for over 20 years, and then torn down in 1985, to clear the way for the building of the Mall of America.  Some of the seats were sent to North Dakota at that time.  In August of 2006, I brought the remaining ones home to Minnesota where I refurbish them, a few at a time, for collectors to enjoy.